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Fresh Meats That Are Cut Daily

Lee's Carroll's Meat Shoppe is the best source in Jacksonville, Florida, for fresh, custom-cut meats. We sell a large variety of the freshest meats, including ground beef that is made every morning, cube steak, and filet mignon, as well as pork, lamb, goat, frozen seafood, and chicken that is delivered three times a week. If you ever need anything specially ordered, such as a whole lamb or pig, we are happy to accommodate you! Contact us with your needs and we'll be glad to place an order for you.

Butcher Selling Meats

Meat Packages

Choose from our selection of specialty meat packages to prepare a delicious meal for you and your family. We offer:

• Full Freezer Packages, $200.00: Rib Eye Steak, Chopped Sirloin, Chuck Roast, Ground Beef, Pork Chops, Whole Chickens, Bacon, All-Beef Franks & Pan Sausage

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Additional Meat Packages

Lee's Carroll's Meat Shoppe also offers a variety of meat packages. Our selection includes:

• Beef Specials
• Combo Packages
• Thrifty Packages
• Half Freezer Specials
• Fresh Meat Cases
• Vegetable Bushels

Grocery Items

In addition to our fresh meats, our old-fashioned butcher shop also sells an assortment of grocery items. We sell fresh vegetables, canned goods, fish breeding, rice, flour, and marinades and rubs from well-known national and local brands.